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basement renovation company TorontoAre you looking for a reliable basement renovation company Toronto? Well, you’ve just found one. We can take care of every aspect of your basement renovation, this is our specialty. Whether you want to simply ad an “in law suite” with a bedroom and bathroom or you want to go all out and have a basement that is fit for your favourite home decor magazine with 9 foot ceilings, gorgeous kitchen and bath and all the space you would ever need, we can help you achieve it. We can handle your basement renovation from start to finish, if you need to underpin we can provide that service or work with the underpinning contractor of your choice, we work closely with window and door companies to ensure there is no down time as a result of materials being late. We will even add a separate entrance to your basement if you need one, we are experienced with concrete and masonry work and work with expert masonry companies should the need arise. As a boutique basement renovation company Toronto we take care of everything, from inception to design, framing, plumbing, electrical and drywall to trim and doors, we will be there every step of the way. Finishing your basement is one of the best value renovations for your home. We can come up with creative ideas and efficiencies to make sure you get everything you want from your house and your renovation. We always try to add value to your project as well, when we build a closet, we always include shelving to maximize your new storage space.
Depending on your future plans for your house, we always try to add extra infrastructure to make sure your future plans go as smoothly as possible. We add new plumbing in the walls if you plan a future bathroom on another floor, extra water shut offs so we don’t have to disturb your family when we are working on plumbing, extra electrical in the walls for future needs. Maybe you plan to change the space later on down the road or want to add a kitchen in the future, we can install the electrical ahead of time so you are ready when the time comes. Every basement renovation company Toronto should take care about multiple aspects during your renovation we use air cleaners to help minimize the dust, we section your house off with plastic to ensure that you are not inconvenienced while we work, living through a renovation can be challenging, we take the extra steps to make sure you stay comfortable in your own home. When you renovate your basement, you often need a new concrete floor and new drains, we do the concrete and drain work ourselves so we can stay competitive and add extra value wherever we can, we want you to get the most out of your basement. We always try to use premium materials without charging a premium price which make us a reliable basement renovation company Toronto.
We use solid wood doors to keep your basement quiet, you can feel the quality of a solid wood door over a hollow core door. We always try to install hardwood trim and baseboards and even do our best to match the existing trim in your house, this not only creates continuity but also ensures your renovation looks great for years to come. Hardwood trim not only looks fantastic and ages very well, it is less susceptible to water damage and wear and tear. You can also re use it if you chose to re model in the future. What about in floor heating? This is by far the most comfortable way to heat a space, the difference in comfort and consistency is amazing when you add an in floor heating system to your basement. We also can provide a complete century home renovation toronto services. Even if the rest of the house is heated with forced air, it is still possible to add a boiler that heats water for household consumption and heating the floor, everyone that has decided to heat their space this way has been more than impressed with their decision.
Fully legal basement apartment a part of your plan? No problem. Every basement renovation company Toronto should know exact steps how to make it legally. We have done many legal apartments and are familiar with Ontario building code fire regulations and multi unit dwelling requirements. We work closely with our sub contractors so we can provide any service needed to complete your project. Licensed electrical is always included in our basement quotes, even if the electrical is a small part of the job, we do the electrical work properly so you don’t need to worry about your home. Toronto building permits and Electrical safety authority permits are completely different departments, Toronto building inspectors are not trained to inspect electrical work so even though you have a building permit for your renovation, you may not have an electrical permit. Many other contractors take advantage of this loop hole in an effort to cut corners and cut operating costs. Toronto real estate is extremely desirable and house prices seem to be rising by the day.
Adding a basement apartment will help you get the most out of your house and get the most out of the rental market. Basement apartments that are fully legal and include five appliances can rent as high as $2,000 per month. That is a quick return on your investment that ensures long term income and stability for your home and your family. Let Swift Services be your full service basement renovator, you will be glad you did. So if you’re looking for a professional basement renovation company Toronto – you’ve just found one!


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We can easily execute any custom design and layout for your basement.

basement renovation downtown toronto


Need a separate kitchen and/or bathroom in your basement? We’ll do it!

basement renovation downtown toronto


Cracked or broken floor? We’re happy to fix your concrete flooring.

basement renovation downtown toronto


Need new drains and/or piping for your basement? We can do it.

basement renovation downtown toronto


We’re experts in laminate or hardwood flooring installation.

basement renovation downtown toronto


We provide a custom drywall framing & taping services.

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