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century home renovation torontoWe are a full service century home renovation Toronto contractor, we will manage, demolish, construct and complete your whole home renovation. We will work closely with the designer of your choice or you can use our top picks if that appeals to you, once you have your design plans figured out and building permits in hand we will begin your renovations as soon as possible. We pay close attention even during the demolition stage of your project, some century homes have delicate accents or character that you want to preserve. Moldings, doors, fireplaces and even tin ceilings and light fixtures, we will go to great lengths to make sure the things you want to keep are protected so you can enjoy their timeless beauty as you live in your new home. A great finished product will only be great if it has great “bones”. The framing behind the walls of your home is just as important as the finishes, even though you cant see it, framing plays a vital role in the longevity and beauty of your home, we frame with laser levels to make sure everything is plumb, level and square, we take great pride in ensuring perfection in the things you will never see. Solid framing will ensure the quality of your renovation for years to come good insulation and vapor barrier is important as well, it is so easy to cut corners at this stage, there are things that even the building inspectors never see, something as simple as insulating behind the corners of your framing can maximize the heat in your home during the winter months, insulating the corner framing is a detail that I find is over-looked time and time again, I always work closely with everyone in the house so even the newest helper getis their task completed properly. Drywall is something that does not get a whole lot of attention, who cares about drywall? All you want to see is the painted finished wall right? If your drywall is not completed properly, every time you look at your newly finished wall you can see the imperfections of a sub-par drywall job. I’m not messing around when I tell you that I take EVERY aspect of your project extremely seriously……… it drives the people that work with me crazy, I treat your home as if I were working on my own home, I probably live a few blocks from you, I have every reason to do the best job possible, I run into my clients on the street and in the park all the time. As a leading century home renovation Toronto company we make sure to use separated water shut-offs, this is something so simple yet overlooked time and time again. It doesn’t make sense to have one water shut off for your whole house. If you need to do future plumbing work on the third floor, why deprive the entire rest of the house from running water? I install separate water shut-offs whenever I do a renovation, often segregating the plumbing on each floor after the first week or so you will never hear “we are shutting the water off for an hour or so” as you make a mad dash for the bathroom before you have no water. As a century home renovation Toronto company we truly believe this is a value added service that goes miles for your comfort and enjoyment in your new home. Unlike a big company or a huge home builder, I work on your project every day until it is completely finished, how many times have you heard this from your neighbour, “they show up for a few hours and I don’t see them again for another week or two and they don’t answer the phone when I call?” Before launching Swift Services – a century home renovation Toronto company I started in the service industry when I was eleven years old doing wedding set ups, failure was absolutely not an option and sticking to a rigid time line was a key component to wedding work, the show was ready to go on, no matter what. I began my renovation business shortly after at the age of nineteen and I brought those same values with me to renovations. We stick to our projected timelines no matter what. You will always see at least one of us every day and we work on your house from day one until it is complete. No one likes dragging out a renovation, our business thrives on strong reviews and referrals, we want your children to be our clients some day and we can only achieve this by providing top quality personal service. We may be a small company, but we are mighty. By doing the majority of the renovation work ourselves we can provide you with top quality and service and workmanship from kitchen to bathroom, bedroom to basement renovation company Toronto, flooring plumbing and electrical work and you can truly call us the best century home renovation Toronto company which you can rely on. century home renovation torontoWhen you call me I actually answer the phone myself and speak to you, this may seem like an insignificant detail, but these days it is a hard one to find, by staying small, we are able to make sure you are happy with your renovation project from start to finish. I have lived and worked in downtown Toronto for my entire career, I know the houses, I know the area and I know the specific needs of your century home. At Swift Services – century home renovation Toronto company we all live just around the corner, we are there when you need us, we will come when you call and we will hold your hand every step of the way. If you’re looking for a reliable century home renovation Toronto contractors – contact us for a free quote!


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