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Swift Services is a boutique company of five professional construction experts, and we specifically stay this way to ensure that you get the highest quality of work and personal attention. When you call swift services, a real persona ALWAYS answers the phone, if you leave a message, I return it quickly. I always try to identify your end goal for your home and inform you of the best way to meet those goals, some projects have a very limited budget and I try to make sure you get everything you want while sticking to it. I started in the industry working with house flippers and quickly learned the “ins and outs” of century homes in downtown Toronto, as a result I am able to anticipate a lot of unexpected surprises that may be missed by someone who has not had as much experience with old homes. With Swift Services you will not get lost in a big faceless company, we stay small so you get the best service possible, you will never get excuses, we do most of own own work and hold ourselves accountable to a very high quality of service and workmanship. Being a homeowner myself I can empathize with the concerns of the average homeowner and their needs VS. their budget. I grew up in a small town and try to bring a “small town” feel to your project, focusing on service and quality. If you’re looking for a professional and reliable custom home renovation company in Toronto feel free to contact Swift Services for a free quote on your project.

Complete renovations

As a fully professional renovation company we’re happy to execute any home renovation project.

Kitchen renovations

From simple countertop upgrade to a full kitchen remodelling, we’re capable to help you.

Basement renovations

We successfully complete hundreds of basement renovation projects. Let yours be next!


swift servicesWe are a full service renovation company in downtown Toronto. Our experience has primarily been in century homes, as you know there can be a lot of “surprises”. We have the experience necessary to anticipate many of these unexpected surprises right from day one so we can stick very close to the quote you are given. With almost fifty years of combined experience, we handle 80% of the work ourselves and we are on your project every day until your job is complete. We work closely with your chosen designer to make sure your personal vision and expectations of your home are achieved, we are dedicated to giving you the best quality service possible. We also handle the building permit process with with city of Toronto and have worked for years with the local building inspectors in the area so your job runs as smoothly as possible with little to no “down time” waiting on inspections. We are general renovations contractors so we personally handle any sub-trades that may be needed for your particular project, plumbers, electricians, gas fitters and HVAC technicians. We operate as a small team of three or four people to ensure the highest quality of work and customer satisfaction, I Brian Ridgway as owner/operator of Swift Services also live downtown so I am always within reach and can be at your house within ten minutes should you have any immediate concerns or emergencies that can sometimes arrive with bigger jobs. Being a homeowner myself I always try to identify your exact goal for your home and make sure the end product is both as cost effective as possible and as close as possible to your vision and make sure Swift Services team do the best work for you. We also do a lot of rental property conversions and work with fire code requirements which can be tricky when retro-fitting an old home and making it adhere to modern building code requirements. We are personally well versed and experienced to perform the tasks of all trades so we can easily oversee any special grades people that may be needed to complete your project. Our specialties include, Basement renovations, Garage construction, income property conversion and century home renovation services.


Basement renovations


Century homes renovations


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